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Information: Hoxera 12.72 Will Start In: loading...

Server Information

Here you will find all basic information about Hoxera

Experience rate Skills rate Magic rate Loot rate
999 50 25 2.5

Miscellaneous information

Connection information
Client 12.72
Port 7171
Client Custom
PvP information
World type pvp
Hotkey aimbot Yes
Protection level 8
Black Skull: Top: 1 (Player)
Red Skull Top: 2 (Player)
Remove rune charges No
Time to decrease frags 1 day
Experience by killing players Yes
Experience gain kill threshold: 2500% of your level
White skull duration 45 seconds
Protection zone lock (non lethal attack) 45 seconds
Stair jump exhaust 2 seconds
Other information
Free premium No
House rent period monthly
House SQM price 1000 gp
AFK kickout 15 minutes
One player online per account No
Max players online server limit 500
Allow outfit change Yes
Stamina system Yes
Premium to add items to market No
Market offer duration 30 days

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