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                      Server Information
                         Welcome to our newest player: John
                      The best player is: John level: 8 congratulations!
                     We have 13 accounts in our database, 19 players, and 0 guilds
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Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
09 January 2022 (18:31) You can find latest changes made in our Discord.
09 January 2022 (17:38) | Hoxera Beta Published by (GM)Joriku.
We're moving forward, awaiting our Beta release while working on the website.
Things we have added:
- Wiki
- New website
- New spells
- Dual servers, Hoxera + RealMap Hoxera (Coming later)

Thank you for taking a look into our project, hope to see you when we open our doors.
Yours truly,
- Hoxera Team

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